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Crypto enthusiasts and other celebrities wish Bitcoin a happy 12th birthday!

Photo of: Dennis Ramos
by Dennis Ramos

It’s going to be 12 years in a few days when the Bitcoin Whitepaper turns 12 and everyone in the crypto town and outside it is wishing it Happy Birthday. On the occasion, several noted personalities including Charlie Sheen, David Hasselhoff, and Caroline Baskin are wishing the whitepaper of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin, happy 12th birthday.

Just two days remaining before the Bitcoin Whitepaper completes its 12th anniversary. The whitepaper of the flagship cryptocurrency had signaled the early community of Cybersecurity engineers and punks by none other than the still-mysterious identity Satoshi Nakamoto. In 2008, Bitcoin.org was registered and the same year in October the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto posted a link to a document which was named ‘A peer-to-peer Electronic cash system’. Many believed it was a group of cybersecurity experts or cypherpunks who were behind this whitepaper launch. 

The Bitcoin network emerged in 2009 beginning when the genesis block of Bitcoin was mined by Satoshi Nakamoto.

On Halloween, this Saturday, October 31, cryptocurrency advocates will be celebrating the day Satoshi Nakamoto published the much-lauded Bitcoin Whitepaper. The publication took place on the website metzdowd.com on the cryptography mailing list. In the anticipation of the 12 year anniversary, Halborn, the cybersecurity firm for blockchain companies produced a video with a good number of celebrities wishing Bitcoin.

Celebrity cameos for the 12th-anniversary celebration include  RZA, Hassan Johnson, Charlamagne Tha God, Soulja Boy, Doug Benson, Carole Baskin, Charlie Sheen, David Hasselhoff, and Gilbert Gottfried. Halborn Co-founder Rob Behnke was found discussing the celebrity cameo birthday wishes to Bitcoin and he said that: 

“Cybersecurity can be a somewhat dry industry that takes itself too seriously.” At Halborn, when we’re not off working with clients or winning hackathons, we’re playing in our bands and goofing off,” Behnke added. “Having a bunch of celebs wish bitcoin a happy birthday? We did it for the Lolz.”

Halborn is a cybersecurity firm with high-profile clients like Coinbase, IBM, AVA Labs, Bancor, Stellar, and Blockfi. Wu-Tang the clan producer and rapper RZA said in his cameo experience that the Bitcoin revolution has started and the value of everything is what we put on it. David Hasselhoff also said in his guest appearance video that Bitcoin started with Hoff, and he had invested in Bitcoin. 

I’m going to keep what I know about Bitcoin a secret,” the television and film star added.

Bitcoin has by far garnered the maximum popularity for a cryptocurrency not because it has the first-mover advantage but because it has weathered all storms and stands where it is today. Bitcoin was earlier considered as a highly risk-oriented digital asset class and even the best crypto experts could not predict the highly volatile price movements. But despite that Bitcoin has outlived every dark cloud looming towards it and emerged a reliable, store of value asset which has become the new favorite of institutional investors. At present, Bitcoin is trading a little about the $13k mark with a market cap of $243,307,905,766.