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First Bitcoin product (ETP) now listed in the Vienna Stock Exchange

Photo of: Dennis Ramos
by Dennis Ramos

Wiener Börse, the Vienna Stock Exchange, has now become the 3’rd exchange globally to have a bitcoin product on its official regulated market segment, following the listing on Deutsche Boerse XETRA in July 2020. The Swiss-based ETP issuer 21Shares AG has now brought in the first Bitcoin and Ethereum products to the Austrian Exchange officially. This move would bring more security, transparency, and cost-effectiveness access to those investors who want exposure to this alternative asset class. With effect from yesterday, the 21Shares Bitcoin ETP (ABTC – WKN A2T64E – Ticker 21XB) and the 21Shares Ethereum ETP (AETH – WKN A2T68Z – Ticker 21XE) can be traded on the official market of the Vienna Stock Exchange.

With the latest listing on the Vienna Stock exchange, the largest exchanges in all of the three DACH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) countries now have admitted a Bitcoin ETP. The best part about this development has been the regulatory acceptance of the emerging digit asset class. Wiener Börse’s head of development, Thomas Rainer further pointed out that the mentioned listing also allows experienced local investors to access the gains a stock market can offer to crypto traders under a well-monitored, regulated yet transparent mechanism. The big change will see secure settlement with the processing of real-time information as the biggest attraction. 

21Shares’ chief executive, Hany Rashwan, believes 

“We are happy to share that Bitcoin is now accessible everywhere for both retail as well as institutional investors across the entire DACH region.”

He further said that outside the DACH region, no other jurisdiction as of now if providing any such extensive access to Bitcoin. In the month of July, 21Shares’ Ethereum and Bitcoin ETPs were also admitted to listing on Deutsche Boerse’s XETRA reference market. The market hosts more than 90% of German share trades and close to 30% of European ETF trading. With not more than 2 years in operation, 21Shares has already attracted more than $100 million worth of assets under its management.

21Shares AG is considered one of the most path-breaking startups in Europe. It has pioneered the mainstream adoption of digital assets with its unique and innovative ETP structure. Users already familiar with investing in alternative asset classes like commodities and precious metals are aware of the concept.

In another good news shared, Singapore Exchange(SGX) also announced that it would be listing the price indexes of Bitcoin and Ethereum in partnership with CryptoCompare the best crypto data firm hailing from the U.K. As of now the users will not be able to trade cryptos on SGX but the price feeds can be used by the other Singapore-based firms to launch BTC or ETH products. This way price fluctuations of the crypto assets can be tracked in real-time. Now that the world is moving towards more and more digitization and adoption of alternative digital assets, it is a good opportunity to cash-in on the trends. With the new move towards adoption, with time we can also see more and more conservative markets coming upfront to witness the change.