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Just eat France will now accept Bitcoin to pay for food orders

Photo of: Janeth Diamond
by Janeth Diamond

With evolution comes many firsts, and this has been a regular scene with Bitcoin now. We had already seen how the Swiss Canton Zug will now accept Bitcoin for taxes meaning that the residents can now pay in Bitcoin. Adding on to the prolific list is another sector that seems to be adopting Bitcoin as payments slowly but steadily. 

The latest such development comes from France where customers can now pay in Bitcoin when they order from Just Eat France. For your information, Just Eat France is an online food ordering company that is not from France but a subsidiary of the UK based Just eat group. It made an official announcement on its website that it would rope in Bitpay as its BTC payment provider. The news comes as a respite because it is great to understand the diversified uses of Bitcoin that people have started understanding. Although there was no prior official announcement of the collaboration, the news of the new partnership sounds great especially for the evolving good market in France. 

Just Eat France is very much on the lines of Uber Eat. The organization has done everything to ensure that the customers are taken through the transmission process with ease. The company has also published a list of instructions to help users make BTC payments. The best part is that there would be no charges on customers for using bitcoin as a means of payment. The Bitcoin transaction at Just Eat France will be supported by the current price charged by Bitpay. Its customers will be refunded in Euros just in case any payment in Bitcoin gets canceled. 

It has also stated on its customer service page that with BTC now as a part and portion of the payment scenario, it is opening up to more methods of payment. Including BTC would be a feather in the cap because it is a part of their comprehensive plan to embed many other payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay. If you aren’t aware of Just Eat France, it is a biggie in the food delivery industry back in France and the UK. It allows users to order food from more than 15,000 restaurants in France. As of now, no other Just eat branches have offered such a way out for payment barring France. 

Many believe that the move might fall flat because the adoption has to grow stronger for that to happen. But we see it another way. There has to be some trigger to accelerate adoption rates. When Bitcoin has entered something as essential as food, it works as confidence-building measures. Considering we are in times where people prefer touchless transactions and payments, apart from the conventional payment processes, this works as a great alternative for now. But with increasing use, we see that it might just get replaced with what we call comfort payment options. 

The move by Just Eat France could be a test or a pilot branch for starters which could later branch out to other zones also. France is a place for good aficionados and there could not have been a better place to begin.