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SkyBridge Capital doubles down: “Bitcoin investment as secure as bonds or gold”

Photo of: Joseph Stone
by Joseph Stone

Despite contradictory signs, SkyBridge Capital’s management insists on Bitcoin’s potential. For Anthony Scaramucci, although an emerging asset, BTC offers significant long-term value.

Does Bitcoin, like gold, offer long-term security to investors? Opinions differ in the financial sphere. JPMorgan recently issued a warning, describing BTC as a cyclical asset, and therefore at risk.

Guggenheim’s investment director went so far as to anticipate a possible decline in its value to $20,000. Anthony Scaramucci and Brett Messing of SkyBridge Capital are more optimistic.

Regulatory environment favorable to Bitcoin and institutional investors
Certainly, they believe, “Bitcoin had unique and pronounced risks. And this has been the case until recently. However, they continue in an editorial on CNN, “that’s changing. According to them, the regulations now promote “broader institutional adoption. ยป

In particular, the bosses of the investment fund highlight the policy of the American Office of Comptroller of Currency. Indeed, the regulator now authorizes banks and custodians to provide crypto services. This will reduce the disadvantages of holding cryptocurrencies.

But if institutional investors are interested in Bitcoin, it is also, and above all, because of its potential as a financial investment. Cryptographic assets have gained in maturity, underline the managers of SkyBridge Capital.

As a result, it “offers significant long-term value. “And the current monetary policy of the states, including the US, contributes significantly to this value. Countries are widening their deficits to support the economy in crisis. And the consequence is a potential risk of inflation.

“To hedge against this type of volatility, many investors are sourcing bitcoin, which by its very nature is impervious to inflation,” says Anthony Scaramucci, a former White House executive under Trump.

“Stronger regulations, improved infrastructure and access to financial institutions – like Fidelity – that hold investors’ money have made Bitcoin investments as secure as owning bonds and commodities like gold, which are also used to balance portfolios,” he says.

SkyBridge Capital doesn’t deny Bitcoin’s volatility, however. It is questionable whether it would use Bitcoin to hedge against volatility. But the company explains it by its youth and the lack of regulation. But these characteristics are evolving.

“If the price fluctuations are not going to disappear completely, we consider Bitcoin as a long-term value proposition that should only grow over time,” the directors conclude.