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The first football transfer… paid in Bitcoin

Photo of: Joseph Stone
by Joseph Stone

Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more present in our lives, but also in professional sports. As proof, the DUX International Madrid, a Spanish third division club has recently completed the transfer of David Barral. The latter has the particularity of having been paid directly in cryptocurrency, namely in Bitcoin. So here is what you need to know about this transfer.

There are several reasons for such a transfer. The first of them is to allow DUX International Madrid to promote Criptan, a company that specializes in buying and reselling Bitcoin and the main sponsor of the Spanish club. It is also a way to get the word out about the Spanish club, which lives in the shadow of Real and Atletico, the two big clubs in the Iberian capital and on which you can place sports bets.

Finally, it is also a way to promote a very interesting recruitment for the club, David Barral, 37 years old, being a recognized player and having played in the clubs of Gijon and Levante after having been trained in Real Madrid. It is therefore a recruitment of choice for a club in the Spanish third division.

It is not yet known exactly what the consequences of such a transfer will be, but the various authorities, whether the Spanish Football Federation or FIFA, have not yet reacted. If this transfer payment in Bitcoin were to be accepted and ratified, it could have significant consequences. Cryptocurrency transactions could indeed become widespread, both for clubs and for players.

In a few years, we could even imagine soccer players being paid in crypto currencies, as is the case with NFL player Russell Okung, who receives half his salary in Bitcoin. However, his club pays him entirely in dollars, but it is the startup Zap that allows him to take advantage of this benefit by converting half of his salary into Bitcoin.

For several years now, we can indeed see that cryptocurrencies are increasingly present in the sports world. We could notice it thanks to cryptocurrencies newly created in the effigy of some professional clubs such as the PSG or Juventus.

These tokens allow its owners to invest a little more in the life of their favorite club while for the professional clubs, it is a way to earn a little more money.

While DUX International Madrid, a Spanish third division club made news by recruiting David Barral and paying for the transaction in Bitcoin, we can realize that cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more important in the soccer and even professional sports scene.

This is something that can be seen in particular with Russell Okung, whose half of the salary is paid in Bitcoin or with the creation of new crypto currencies in the effigy of some soccer teams.