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The mystery behind Bitcoin mining patterns is finally solved!

Photo of: Dennis Ramos
by Dennis Ramos

A known researcher, Sergio Dermain Lerner who is well-known for analyzing the mining patterns of the original Bitcoin (BTC) miner has now routed all his energies and attention to the Bitcoin blocks mined by Satoshi Nakamoto. He also made a preview of his findings available. His research is rooted in the irregular pattern of the Least Significant Byte (LSB) of the nonce field of the block.  Lerner also published a blog that explained his previous finding in a comprehensive manner. He suggested that for reasons unknown, Satoshi did not mine in the first five minutes of the block interval. Other researchers also have expanded on the same theory of Lerner. TechMiX demonstrated that all the block mines by Satoshi can be grouped into five baskets based on the distribution of Nonce LSB values.

This was all discovered last week, but the latest findings of Sergio Lerner, the discovery of the ‘Patoshi Pattern’ suggests that Satoshi Nakamoto has likely used only a PC to mine close to 1.1 million Bitcoin (BTC). There could be something amiss in this discovery yet if Lerner’s latest observations and findings hold ground, it would put an end to a 7-year wait and speculation cornering the meaning behind the enigmatically cryptic pattern. 

Patoshi Pattern: Source – Lerner’s blog

Back in 2013, Lerner began writing about the inscrutable Bitcoin mining pattern. The original and first Bitcoin code had a lot of flaws in its privacy regulations which allowed Lerner to unravel Satoshi’s mining quirks and peculiarities. The essence and the kernels of the patterns erupt from the fact that Satoshi’s mining code annexed the ExtraNonce field in a different manner compared to the default Bitcoin code. 

Many even suggested that Satoshi was consciously by choice marking their Bitcoins, while the other believes that this is one of the ways for the team to delineate their own portions of the wealth. Others in the game speculated that Satoshi optimized their code and equipment which would allow them to mine faster than anyone else could. But many also believe that the said pattern is a result of using more than 50 machines for mining. 

But in reality, the answer is not very exciting but talks about a rational approach. Satoshi has been using a multithreaded PC for mining. In fact, Lerner also suggested that Satoshi could be using a Field-programmable gate array, in line with GPU mining. In order to avoid superfluity, Satoshi would restrict each thread to a non-overlapping yet distinct nonce space. For the information of those who are unaware, during bitcoin mining, a nonce gets accentuated or incremented, whenever a record of an unsuccessfully solved hash puzzle has come forth. Hence the mysterious pattern could not be a result of a set of choices made, but an undesirable adverse effect of Satoshi’s mining setup. The speculation that was inflamed for the past few years has been put to rest with Lerner also agreeing with the conclusion. The mystery now solves.