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J-Pop band crypto trading cards sold out instantly

Photo of: Joseph Stone
by Joseph Stone

The first batch of non-fungible token (NFT) digital trading cards from Japanese pop group SKE48 was sold “instantly”, said the company that issued them.

The group is one of the biggest commercial successes of Japanese pop (J-pop) and has sold millions of records since it was founded in 2008 by music magnate Yasushi Akimoto.

Its all-female line-up changes regularly, with the older members of the band “retiring” after holding positions in the band, but its popularity has remained constant.

The first 100 packs of SKE48 NFT trading cards were issued over the weekend, selling “immediately”, according to the Coin Post.

The cards were developed by the Japanese company Coinbook and are based on the ERC-721 Ethereum (ETH) protocol for NFTs.

On Monday, Coinbook tweeted that it would launch another 200 packs on the same day, each containing five cards, with more launches planned in the coming days and weeks.

The packs were created to celebrate the band’s 12th anniversary and contain previously unreleased concert photos. NFTs have become a hot topic in Japan, and Coincheck’s crypto exchange will launch an NFT exchange market.

Meanwhile, across the ocean, a blockchain game using NFTs has been listed on Samsung’s Galaxy Store (for mobile applications), Fn News reported.

South Korea’s gaming regulator, the Gaming Classification and Administration Committee (GRAC), has not yet given any news on the matter. It has already refused to grant a classification license to a blockchain game and has “indefinitely” delayed its decision on a second title due to NFT concerns.

All eyes will now be on the GRAC’s response. The question is whether the regulator will comment on the decision by Samsung, the country’s most powerful and wealthiest trade group. It should be noted that the developer is not a South Korean company and that the Galaxy Store is aimed at users based in the country and abroad.