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Brave Browser doubled its number of users in 2020

Photo of: Joseph Stone
by Joseph Stone

The privacy and crypto-centric browser with its BAT token registered a doubling of its user base in 2020. Its publisher now totals 25 million active Internet users each month.

Google still dominates the global market for web browsers. And for the player in online advertising, data confidentiality is certainly not the first concern. However, in this niche, the browser market is growing steadily.

Brave, whose model is based on privacy and the Attention Token (BAT), is growing rapidly. In the year 2020, the publisher has more than doubled the number of users.

In one month, the browser registered 25.4 million active users. A year earlier, this total had reached just 11.6 million. This is a source of satisfaction for its managers, and reassures them of the importance of privacy for Internet users.

In addition, user growth is accelerating. Brave reminds us that it passed the 20 million mark of active Internet users on its application in November 2020. Only a few months later, it surpassed 25 million.

And the company is looking forward to continuing its momentum in 2021. Several factors give it hope for a further expansion of its user base. In particular, CEO Brendan Eich is calling for a “global movement for privacy.

But the co-founder can also rely on mistrust. According to him, “fewer users trust the Big Tech”, i.e. the giants of the Internet, such as Google and Facebook. The activity of these firms is essentially based on the exploitation of personal data.

In addition, Big Tech are under pressure in the U.S. and around the world. The authorities accuse them of stifling competition and thus slowing down innovation. But Brave is above all attacking the “surveillance economy”.

Advertising on the Internet relies on the constant tracking of Internet users. The publisher promotes another model involving advertising that respects privacy. In this context, Brave relies on its BAT token.

Publishers and creators can thus be paid in tokens. As for Internet users, they pay remuneration to content producers in the form of BATs. Brave now benefits from BAT support on more than 12 million wallets.

“Brave continues to prove that privacy-conscious advertising that rewards attention with BAT is not only possible, but also in high demand. Brave Ads revenues have increased 28-fold in the last 16 months. Brave Ads campaigns are now supported in nearly 200 countries, with more than 2 billion ad confirmations to date.