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Charles Hoskinson announces – Cardano Goguen era to kickstart in October

Photo of: Janeth Diamond
by Janeth Diamond

Cardano has carved a niche for itself for being a platform of innovators and visionaries. With change-makers in its leadership, the organization aims to bring about a positive global change that can take place with the optimal use of trending technologies. IOHK believes in taking a decentralized approach to governance and decision-making. And the association of IOHK with Cardano has proven to be efficient in many ways compared to the centralized models that have become the norms in many zones in the last century.

IOHK believes that blockchain technology offers an active way to encourage participation. IOHK is building a system for Cardano so that it can grow in a decentralized way with an open governance system which will encourage global[participation by granting ADA holders the power to make decisions.

In a recent AMA IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson made an announcement that Goguen’s roadmap will bring about a new era in the Cardano roadmap. This was meant to be announced on October 29th. The Goguen era also includes work to make Cardano accessible to a wider audience. This is slated to allow financial and business experts even without any prior technical knowledge to create smart contracts.

As with Shelley that is taking place in different phases, the Goguen also will be operable in phases and regarding the same, Charles Hoskinson stated:

“It’s not the case that you flip something and you say ‘Oh, Goguen is here’[…] So, Goguen   is a spectrum…A part of it has been delivered, and we’re delivering more parts soon and we will announce those parts.” These updates will be mostly announced at the October update. 

As was established earlier, the Shelley hard fork was successfully activated by Cardano successfully for the purpose of achieving complete decentralization back in July. But Hoskinson has made one thing very clear. The Goguen updates will happen but at the same time, it will not be a one-shot update. This means that all the updates will not be shipped overnight and the CEO believes in informing it prior to what perceptions the community might have about it. He said:

“Goguen’s gonna come over a series of updates, a series of hard fork events…and each and every one of them can add more functionality to the system.”

Goguen will also see further improvements to the Core Cardano offering. It is looking towards the addition of a multi-currency ledger that will add to the utility of Cardano further letting users create new natively-supported tokens. Both fungible and non-fungible tokens can be created with the tokenization of many types of digital and physical assets. Another set of benefits it will provide is easier integration of smart contracts of Decentralized applications that involve several cryptos. 

More details on it will be given when the update takes place on October 29th. 

IOHK recently collaborated with Runtime Verification with the aim to develop the  IELE, Cardano’s future virtual machine. He said:

“I will make a dedicated announcement at a later time about specific deliverables and what we are gonna get out of that. But I figured I just share with you guys the really good news.”