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Ethereum 2.0 pre-launch Spadina testnet coming with a focus on deposits and genesis testing

Photo of: Janeth Diamond
by Janeth Diamond

Ethereum version 2.0 has been much awaiting for the benefits it will bring along. The much-awaited network upgrade from Proof of Work (PoW) to a Proof of Stake model is just around the corner, with several new upgrades also on the cards enhancing the system But before it goes live, it has to stop for a brief rest which is necessary. The Ethereum Foundation has announced the imminent launch of a parallel testnet called Spadina along with the currently active Medalla testnet. 

Now, with the presence of a testnet already, why a second testnet is what you all might be thinking. This is true especially when developers are already well-versed with working on the current testnet and changing over means disrupting their work for no good. But the foundation is looking at employing the updated version of the testnet allowing developers to test particular elements. 

The new Spadina testnet has a mainnet-like configuration and will last only for 3-4 days when it goes live late September. It will particularly focus on deposits and genesis which are interconnected. The new testnet will provide everyone a great opportunity to take a look at that process and the launch of the genesis block. Before the launch of the first block, 16,384 validators should have staked over 524,000 ETH between them. Ryan has noted that this move will be a second dress rehearsal before the big launch that is coming in. Ryan further said:

“We realize that both the engineers and the community could use one more public testnet launch before mainnet to run through the motions. At the same time, we want to avoid disrupting Medalla’s momentum. If all goes well, it should give us greater peace of mind before we jump into the real deal later this year.”

He also noted that the testnet could remain to live more than what has been planned which is a 3-day cycle. But the support will not be provided beyond the designated time frame. The launch of the mainnet of Ethereum 2.0 is currently running as per scheduled for November as per the developer Raul Jordan. But that doesn’t take away that the launch has already been delayed for a long time now. In fact, Justin Drake who is among the lead researchers at the Ethereum Foundation believes that November also looks like a somewhat impossible target. He is pinning his hopes on a January 2021 release. 

Last week developer Lior Yaffe of Jelurida talked about some major vulnerabilities of the system.The launch of a second testnet could spill out several issues. From what I can observe, the Ethereum Foundation is still running some issues. It intends to run through the issues on a meticulous basis and resolve them while they meet them. Post the launch it does not want to face any issues that might hamper the running. While working elaborately, it wants to pick out any thorns on the way so that it can smoothly bring Ethereum 2.0 to mainnet. 

The new launch is intended to do right everything that went wrong but at the same battling high gas fee and huge demands creating a stress in the network.