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Justin Sun claims that Tron users have exceeded the world population, apologizes after 18 hours!

Photo of: Sangeetha Golchha
by Sangeetha Golchha

Yesterday, Tron CEO Justin Sun had to apologize and for a typo that caught the attention of the users. He apologized to the Twitter users for falsely putting the figure of the user base at inflated levels. He remarked that the Tron user base had surpassed 10 Billion which is more than the actual world population. 

He apologized later saying:

“Really sorry for the typo 18 hours ago.”

Actually speaking, Tron touched a million accounts on September 19th. 

Source: Twitter

Justin Sun, considered as a controversial entrepreneur took more than 18 hours to respond to the chaos he had created by tweeting the previous message. After 18 hours he took down the tweet which obviously had gone viral on Crypto Twitter. 

The gaucherie was instantly noticed by users and his 2.1 million followers. We are all aware that the crypto industry is battling hard for a global adoption which would make crypto a name people can take comfortably. But his mistake is truly discernible to users because as a matter of fact, the total world population itself is 7.8 Billion on this entire planet. 

Many users questioned the figure whilst there were others who started making fun of Sun. Cryptocurrency trader Michael Van De Poppe replied to the tweet saying, “It’s amazing that aliens are using Tron!”

Source: Twitter

As we are aware, Justin Sun has been controversial and this could be a part of his attention-seeking marketing campaign. But Sun claims that it was only a typo but what also can be understood from this is the delay in correcting or removing the tweet could be a part of another cheap marketing tactic pulled off by the CEO. 

But, without any denial, Tron which released itself from the dependencies on the Ethereum blockchain and shifted to its own blockchain two years ago on June 25th, 2018. It is now a major milestone achieved by the organization which is touching 10 million accounts almost 625 days later after working on its own blockchain. 

Source: Twitter

Justin Sun and Tron now believe it can take on Ethereum. The Ethereum Blockchain is already sitting at 115 million unique addresses. 

Source: Etherescan

The graph gives us a clear picture of a rising pyramid-shaped growth that Ethereum unique addresses have been pacing with. The growth which picked its momentum from January 2018 has refused to put a full stop and ever since the graph is only growing. The best part about the analysis is that these are all unique addresses which rule out the possibility of double counting. 

Justin Sun’s Tron just cleared its milestone of 10 million accounts and its ambitious goal is now to reach the levels of Ethereum’s unique addresses. According to Sun, the Tron adds on an average 60,000 accounts in a day and believes that with this figure it can challenge Ether. The Etherescan data shows that there is a lot to be desired before this goal is achieved considering Ethereum has also not stopped growing.