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‘Money is evolving’ – Binance puts up ads in 17 bus stops to boost adoption

Photo of: Janeth Diamond
by Janeth Diamond

With newer markets to focus, every industry has to pep up its visibility strategy to ensure maximum adoption. Binance has understood this well, and in a move to garner maximum eyeballs it has done the unthinkable -it has placed ads at 17 bus stops in London so that it can catch the attention of daily commuters. 

The new ad posited as informative advertising tries to empower the audience on how the very meaning of money is evolving and how. Its new ad slogan in ‘Money is Evolving’ showcases with images of four generations of coins, the latest and the most relevant being Bitcoin. The ad urges people that it is time they stepped out of their comfort zones and embrace what is to be. 

According to a tweet from Binance on 28th August, it informed its followers and markets per se that it has placed new ads at 17 bus stops in London. The adjoining image shows the older generation of coins and the latest two-pound coin that is used in the U.K which is followed by the largest Bitcoin. With impactful few words and an image that is worth a thousand words, the conceptualization of the ad has been truly relevant. Its placement in places where commuters move also points out that Bitcoin is not just for the classes but also for the masses. 

What appeals in the ad is that it is minimalist but has the message cut across in an impactful manner. With a name such as Binance coming to the forefront trying to reach out to people, the placement of ads is a great move by the largest exchange. 

In a bid to extend its wings into the U.K. market, Binance announced in June that with a regulated exchange platform, it is scheduled for a formal launch this autumn. The newly formed exchange will presumptively be asked to register with the country’s Financial Conduct Authority. It will be asked to comply with all the necessary guidelines including Anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer (KYC) practices and standards.

Previously we also reported that Binance.UK apart from making itself known is also becoming a part of some organic strategies. It also announced a few days ago that it will be joining the self-regulating industry association called CryptoUK as an executive member. Together with other members, it will look at streamlining the direction of the Cryptocurrency industry in addition to popularizing the adoption. It will work with other industry biggies and policymakers so as to ensure that the sector marches ahead effectively. 

Talking about London, it sure has become one of the major hotspots for the crypto industry to grow in. Binance is not the first firm to engage in a public display of ads. Previously the controversial token HEX also had ads put up on London’s buses, newspapers, and even during the English Premier league games. Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital took up the full-page ad in Financial times in which Bitcoin was also mentioned.