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Popular Turkish Football club ties up with Socios to become a part of the blockchain revolution

Photo of: Dennis Ramos
by Dennis Ramos

Fan tokens and sports clubs have become synonymous with each other. The popularity of fan tokens has assumed importance especially since socios.com came into the picture and popularized the idea. We already know about UFC and the football world issuing their fan tokens to increase viewer engagement and joining the bandwagon is an acclaimed Football club from Turkey called the Trabzonspor. The football club is the latest team in the sports sector to issue their fan tokens using the Blockchain voting and rewards app, Socios.com, that will be available through the Chilliz exchange. 

Issuance of $TRA Token

Sports fan engagement has been a key driver to renew their interest in the sport but making them an important part of the polls and voting mechanism goes a long way in helping them feel an important part of it all. According to the announcement made, $TRA token holders will get the right to vote on different polls and also earn rewards because of their engagement with the club. The rewards also are different based on their engagement level. While some could win the VIP attendee status, the others could also get to meet the players, of course after the pandemic. The fan also would get a chance to become #1 fans of their region or country. 

Sinan Zengin, general manager at Trabzonspor believes that the entire situation will draw a lot of excitement from fans and sports aficionados. This new collaboration will help them to market newer opportunities, implement novel development ideas, and other innovations taking advantage of the digital world. He also believes that after this move, Fans will make its slogan ‘Everywhere is Trabzon for us’ more meaningful especially after their interest in the new fan token offering that is likely to begin from next month. 

Earlier engagement with Sports Clubs

Chiliz the well-known sports tokenization platform also partnered with Ultimate fighting championship (UFC) to give their fans a chance to use CHZ tokens for various experiences. The announcement came forth in May this year and announced its plans to make socios available to UFC fans. Socios uses blockchain technology to monetize football fan club bases. With the help of the CHZ signature, fans will be able to exchange tokens on the platform and get tickets to popular UFC matches and also rewards related to the exchange.

Working on the blockchain technology of Chiliz is not a new concept but it has received a fresh treatment thanks to Socios. The involvement of fans has increased. The concept that Socios proposes has been existing now for more than a century with the La Liga and their club socios system of team ownership. Real Madrid is exceedingly popular with more than 90,000 socios already to its credit. It has also earned the reputation of being the most valuable sports team across all sports categories. Socios.com has become a revolutionary first-ever mobile app for crazy football fans that gets them inches closer to the game and the players.