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Tezos partners with Google Cloud – More details inside

Photo of: Sangeetha Golchha
by Sangeetha Golchha

Tezos Commons, a non-profit organization behind one of the most influential and important blockchain projects has announced the completion of an integration of a Tezos dataset into Google BigQuery. It has been hosted by Google Cloud as a public dataset that will come under the category of Financial Services in the Google Cloud marketplace. 

The Google BigQuery will make it extremely simple to query on-chain data in a very organized and simplistic manner on the cloud using the standard SQL syntax. This can be equated to a huge equator that allows one to perform powerful data analysis. Similar queries can also be performed on multiple blockchains at one go with effective comparisons and tracking of inter-chain activity on interoperable tokens such as TzBTC.

It is not as if Tezos did not allow queries. Tezos did allow basic queries for retrieving data about various addresses as well as transactions but the basic analyses are not supported. The data apparently had to be loaded into a data warehouse first so that business insights could be extracted. 

Google’s business intelligence solutions result in countless ways with which one can utilize this to gather as well as analyze data with several possibilities including; audit trails, mapping to a double-entry book data structure which allows multi-chain meta-analyses, Integration with conventional financial record processing systems, monitoring gas costs over time, monitoring smart contract’s calls and activity and a lot more. 

The developers also can put in a query for the Tezos public dataset for free with the precondition that the size of data processed per month does not exceed 1 terabyte. In fact, the software developer by the name Corey Soreff, who also happens to sit on the boards of directors of the Tezos Commons Foundation has claimed that he thoroughly enjoys collaborating with the Google Cloud and it is sure a welcome move. He stated:

“It has been a pleasure to work with Allen Day and the rest of the Google Cloud team on this project, as well as the founder of the Blockchain ETL project Evgeny Medvedev and his team at Helix Technologies, whom we recommend to any project looking to implement their own ETL and BigQuery integration.”

Image source: Google Cloud

The Mountain View giant is credited to release datasets for both BTC and Ethereum back in 2018 when it just got its hold on the blockchain search business. Back in February 2019, Google also made available a public blockchain data available for an additional 6 cryptocurrencies which also included Dogecoin (DOGE) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

A few months after it, it had partnered with the famous and the most popular decentralized oracle provider Chainlink to integrate data from traditional data sources into smart contracts in which the latter was the middleman in the process. GoogleCloud became a part of the EOS community in order to become a block producer in early October this year, but it will not take any rewards. Google Cloud computing comes in third after Amazon and Microsoft, but Google is an aggressive player that is trying to catch up in the blockchain industry.