Vitalik Buterin warns public about DeFi

The founder of the Ethereum network has taken to Twitter to offer a warning about the potential risks of using smart contracts in DeFi. The well-known figure in the cryptocurrency world has warned

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by Joseph Stone

Top DeFi Coins this Week

DeFi tokens continue to make giant moves on the price charts, almost replacing Bitcoin’s low volatility which has recently hit a three year high. We look at the top 3 of this week and analyze its

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by Janeth Diamond

What’s the latest happening on the DeFi front

A very large portion of DeFi applications, tokens, and platforms are presently hosted on the Ethereum network. The DeFi ecosystem is a much-distinguished milestone as the total value locked is

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by Janeth Diamond

Top 5 trending coins on CoinGecko

It is great to keep tabs within the cryptocurrency space. Investors are always seeking information and CoinGecko is the best resource to use in this regard. Its top trending searches throw light

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by Dennis Ramos