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Ethereum expected to be the star of 2021

Photo of: Joseph Stone
by Joseph Stone

Bitcoin captured all the light so far in mainstream media. In its shadow, Ether progresses, even crossing its ATH of 2018. For crypto expert Nick Bel, ETH is therefore an even more promising asset than BTC and a “must-have” in 2021.

Bitcoin is the reference crypto asset among investors. Its value is worth more than 60% of the entire cryptocurrencies market. In addition, the soaring share price in recent months has made it a highly coveted asset.

However, it would be a mistake to focus only on BTC. This is in any case the argument developed by Nick Bel. Because another asset deserves all the attention of investors: Ethereum.

The expert reminds us that ETH also broke records in January, as did Bitcoin. Ethereum’s native cryptocurrencies set a new ATH this month, exceeding $1,430. Its previous record was set in 2018.

Bel is therefore convinced that Ether (ETH) will supplant BTC as the most “attractive” asset. He even believes that it could even claim the status of the “first cryptocurrencies” for investors.

There are a number of reasons why Ether could continue to grow in 2021 and therefore attract a wider market. First of all, it is the reference place for Ethereum technologies among developers.

Ethereum is indeed the first platform for the development of blockchain projects and decentralized applications. This record is particularly tangible in the DeFi sector. But the adoption of the ERC-20 token also proves it.

Ethereum’s leading position can also be seen in the explosion of transaction volumes. In 2020, these transactions exceeded 1,000 billion dollars. By way of comparison, this is more than payment companies like PayPal.

But Ethereum’s best asset is certainly their place in the DeFi, for which institutional interest is growing. However, the maturity of this market still needs to grow significantly.

Nick Bel is not alone, however, in emphasizing the potential of ETH. In a note to investors, the expert David Grider believes that the Ethereum price could rise to new heights. He estimates that its value could be multiplied by 7 thanks to DeFi.