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You can now use Ethereum to send emails

Photo of: Joseph Stone
by Joseph Stone

In the mid-1990s, a fairly popular practice among former coders was to sign their email with a private key. This was made possible with the development of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) keys that allowed users to encrypt various digital media. If this practice is less appealing to younger people, they will finally have the chance to do it. The process has indeed just been updated on Ethereum thanks to Unstoppable Domains. The latter has just introduced a new functionality allowing a domain holder with a .crypto extension to send an e-mail signed by the private key of Ethereum (ETH) which controls it.

Co-founder of Unstoppable Domains, Bradley Kam reported that the Unstoppable email functionality is provided by webmail ETHMail. Not decentralized, this technology is also within everyone’s reach since the service is available for free, at least for now. The other information that should delight the public is that it is also necessary to have a .crypto domain to send an email using this service. Nevertheless, a guarantee is offered to anyone already using a domain from Unstoppable Domains.

In fact, since an e-mail sent using this feature is signed with a private key, it automatically guarantees that it comes from the owner of the specified domain. This is what Mr. Kam explained when presenting the advantages of this new service. “You can sign a message with the private key that controls the domain name in order to log into your account. So basically, you know that the person sending you the e-mail is the domain,” he said. As for the fear that spam will become a problem on Ethereum because of this service, it will be possible to remedy it thanks to the Hashcash designed by Adam Back.

This is not the first messaging service launched by the company that had already made a name for itself with a decentralized chat called dChat. This feature is therefore a new step in the quest for greater decentralization of the web. “We were very enthusiastic. And I think that in general, messaging is a very significant part of the decentralized web. And so you saw a decentralized peer-to-peer chat protocol that we built a few months ago. I think it’s just another tool in this sphere,” Kam said.

This return to the past by Unstoppable Domains is far from fanciful and offers the guarantee of sending or receiving unadulterated e-mails during shipment. With more than a hundred Ethereum address holders, the service should quickly become a success on the platform while waiting to be extended to others. You can better discover Unstoppable domain and its innovative services by visiting the official website.