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Bitstamp gets a new CEO in Juliane Sawyer who was formely with Gemini exchange

Photo of: Janeth Diamond
by Janeth Diamond

Bitstamp has announced a major change in its leadership structure. One of the oldest crypto exchanges in existence Bitstamp has appointed Julian Sawyer as its new CEO. To dig a bit in the background the new CEO was an ex-Managing director at Gemini crypto exchange for Europe. Sawyer will be the successor to its founder  Nejc Kodrič, who will remain as a member of Bitstamp’s Board of Directors in a non-executive role. 

The founder of Bitstamp wanted to step away from the involved management which he had to as a CEO, into a post where he would be consulted for major decisions. The hunt for a new CEO took place at a global level before Julian Sawyer was finalized for the prominent leadership role. 

Bitstamp’s new CEO also will be an advisor to the board of the leading Australian challenger bank. Julian Sawyer has a rich experience in traditional finance as the co-founder of Starling Bank where he was in the top management serving as the Chief Operating Officer until 2019. 

Bitstamp believes that the decision to hire Sawyer comes across as a great fit for the organization because they believe that a person with a wide experience such as his can lead the way in terms of increasing complexities in global finance. 

Julian’s expertise in the complexities of global finance makes him uniquely suited to lead Bitstamp into its next chapter. He understands the possibilities that cryptocurrency holds for the world and how to integrate it with existing financial structures.

Sawyer will be joining at a very crucial point when the firm is treading on a highly progressive path in which it is implementing a new matching engine built by Nasdaq. This is the first major fiat to crypto exchange with a matching engine that will be on par with traditional exchanges. 

Bitstamp’s new matching engine integration from Nasdaq will allow the exchange to meet very high levels of demand even when there are extremely high volume surges. According to Bitstamp, this new matching engine would allow Bitstamp to successfully increase the platform’s throughput up by 400 times as compared to their solution they had back then. 

Source: Twitter

Vice President and Head of EMEA, Nasdaq Market Technology, Andy Green said in a statement: 

“By upgrading their technology with a scalable and robust solution from Nasdaq, Bitstamp can continue to bolster their capacity, performance and resiliency…We look forward to supporting Bitstamp in their growth and technology journey.”

Apart from this, Bitstamp has also gathered headlines for the listing of GBP in May this year following the listing of digital assets. In an announcement it said that all of its fiat and cryptocurrencies would be getting an additional GBP pair with zero trading fees through 1’st September 2020 which included USD, EUR, BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and BCH.

CoinMarketCap clearly indicated that Bitstamp is the sixth largest crypto exchange when it comes to trading volumes while Gemini where Sawyer was formerly employed ranked 22 in the list.