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Brave Browser now features a Gemini trading widget

Photo of: Sangeetha Golchha
by Sangeetha Golchha

Gemini and Brave have come together to make it simpler for users to buy, sell, store, and earn crypto while using the Brave browser. The integration will let the users of the desktop browser deal with crypto via the new Gemini trading widget in a convenient manner. 

Brave values user experience and user privacy. The browser is reputed to block ads, trackers, and other identifying software that are used by websites to monitor visitors. This leads to a faster and much more privacy-laden internet experience. Users also can earn Basic Attention tokens (BAT) if they view the Brave ads which preserve privacy. Even online creators can earn BAT by publishing good content across a range of platforms including YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Github, Twitch, or their own website.

Integration of the widget – Brave

Gemini was conceptualized by the popular Winklevoss brothers and is considered the most regulated cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It is a New York-based Trust company which is regulated by the New York Department of Finance and presently available in all the states of the U.S. The Brave desktop users can access the Gemini trading Widget (Gemini Card) from the browser to trade any crypto-asset which is listed on the Gemini Exchange. They would also be able to get a bird’s eye view of their Gemini Account balances and access their deposit address without leaving the Brave ecosystem.

For the first time, Brave Creators registered in New York can now profit from the Gemini-Brave integration and utilize the Creator wallet to claim their BAT. This has been a much looked upon integration easing off trading burdens. 

Newer functionality added

The Gemini widget appears on the right side of the screen that lets the account holders transact with any crypto-asset listed. Verified Brave content creators can store their assets in a Gemini creator wallet which is the BAT so earned can be transferred to the wallet. It can also hold other assets other than what Gemini supports. The Gemini widget on Brave is the second one of its kind, the first being Brave’s collaboration with Binance. As per Brave, its collaboration with Binance and now Gemini is a strategic partnership and in the future more such partnerships could be on the cards.

The last few months for Brave have been nothing short of eventful. It has recorded a whopping browser usage of more than 15 million monthly active users. It also recently announced an update called ‘THEMIS’ on its ad platform. Brave’s native token BAT is also up by 35% in the last month.

Bright future ahead

There have been issues though with Brave when it was discovered that Brave profited from the affiliate links that routed the users to specific sites without their permission. The company issued a formal apology promising that this problem will be dealt with. Brave has been surrounded by several such complaints but with recent collaborations, it believes that it can grow and focus on providing better user experience every day.