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Integration of Uniswap with Tradingview announced

Photo of: Janeth Diamond
by Janeth Diamond

When you type UNISWAP into the search box of Tradingview, it will list the top 100 symbols by Liquidity. Tradingview has reportedly added charts for trading pairs on the Uniswap protocol. Uniswap has emerged as one of the strongest names in the Decentralized Exchange industry especially after it officially launched trade of its token – UNI. Traders and investors using the protocol can now chart out their favorite trading pairs on TradingView. All that the users would need to do will be to type UNISWAP to access the top 100 pairs on Uniswap. This new integration of Uniswap onto the charting platform was announced by Tradingview through a tweet. 

UNISWAP integration meets excitement

UNISWAP’s integration with Tradingview met with extreme excitement and enthusiasm. The integration marks the coming together of two of the most reliable names in the decentralized space. 

Source: Twitter

Catch the glimpses of the tweet in which Uniswap is very excited to be a part of this integration plan. The user base also has given its best reviews on this integration. 

Summing up the achievements

The integration is a very important event for the DeFi sector, especially for the Ethereum-based Decentralized exchange. The team at Uniswap is proud of their work and earlier this week also marked many milestones they have achieved thanks to their efforts. Through a Twitter feed, they mentioned the below-given achievements and milestones recorded. 

Over 100k Twitter followers

32k discord members

5.3k governance forum members

9.4k subreddit users

200+ integrations

1592 governance delegates

200k UNI claimers

88k UNI holders

393k unique addresses

14M trades

14.8k trading pairs

1000+ new pairs per week

30B all-time volume

90M all time LP fees

2.9B in liquidity

25% of all Ethereum transactions

182 socks redeemed

$5.1M socks traded

The Uniswap team also thanked all users of the protocol for their continual support.

It seemed very grateful to its community of users and thanked them to help it grow. It also expressed how Uniswap has been growing exponentially and has been empowering many people all around the world.

Uniswap preparing for a strong rally

Uniswap’s marked performance also is inching gradually towards excellent performance. Uniswap’s UNI comes 35th on the charts of Coinmarketcap and has a market capitalization of $560 million. This is a huge figure considering that UNI has been in the market only for a month since 17th September. The 4-hour chart of UNI/USDT also shows that the token could see a bullish rally further after experiencing a poor low at around $2.45 on 6th October.

The only problem currently is that UNI has a very short trading history because it has been in existence only for a month. The less availability of historical data also presents an extensive macro analysis of the future prices of UniSwap (UNI). But as of now, the fundamentals are strong and UNI token especially after such milestone achievements could have a very bright future in the crypto markets.