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The Syndicate will offer $2 millions worth of Bitcoin at half price

Photo of: Joseph Stone
by Joseph Stone

Disclaimer: This article is not an ad nor a partnership with Crypto.com or The Syndicate.

Crypto.com has had a meteoric rise as an exchange platform in the last few months and has built itself an impressive reputation for promotional offers to its community but perhaps none more impressive than their last offer to date. Via The Syndicate, it’s highly anticipated DeFi platform, they will offer the king of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, for 50% off for a limited amount of $2 Million.

On September 8, they release the beta of the much-talked about exchange will finally be unveiled to the public who will be able to use the new app and interface which announced it would be significantly cheaper than its competition.

To celebrate the release, they will offer $2 million in Bitcoin at half price for that day only to its members. Members will have to be registered and have a significant amount of CRO (10,000) in staking on the app already and have already traded north of $5,000 with the app.

While this might seem a very impressive amount of money, it is not impossible to trade back and forth to reach the required volume of trade. Users will be able to buy a certain amount of Bitcoin based on the amount of CRO token they have in staking with, at minimum, the ability to buy 400$ worth of Bitcoin (for the price of $200) for those who don’t have any CRO in staking on the exchange.

This certainly leaves a certain amount of hurdles to clear in order to be able to buy Bitcoin at a reduced price but the operation might interest certain traders, especially those who have been using The Syndicate for a while already.

The sale will begin on September 8th at 06:00 UTC and end 24 hours later. The maximum amount of Bitcoin available for purchase will be $200,000 worth per account.

This is certainly an impressive marketing scheme, and simply seeing Bitcoin at half-price is sure to draw many new and old crypto enthusiasts to the new platform. The conditions seem however quite complicated and will surely favor big traders.

Questions remain as well around this $2 million number. How will this be divided if more than $2 million of the crypto is requested? With a top amount of $200,000 per person, it would only take 10 people to ask for this promotion for the total amount to be spent. It seems highly unlikely than less than the total amount of $2 million is requested.

Deceitful marketing scheme or once in a lifetime opportunity? Hard to say at this point but the offer surely seems appealing. More information is available on crypto.com’s website and you can go to this page for more information on the sale.