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Lykke exchange is a zero fee cryptocurrency exchange based in the UK and built by the Swiss fintech Lykke Corp. The platform can be accessed through a web terminal ( and on mobile devices (iOS (, Android ( and Huawei AG ( There are more than 20 selected cryptocurrencies with liquidity and tight buy-sell spreads. No crypto trading fees means cost-effectiveness and simplicity: users don’t have to understand the difference between taker and maker fees and how they depend on the volume. There are just zero taker and maker fees, period. In addition, the zero trading fee policy also applies to high-frequency and algo traders. Your bot can trade without taker and maker fees at Lykke. The platform offers a robust API ( with REST and gRPC protocols, and it is integrated with Margin ( trading platform that offers a wide range of visually configurable bots and a Python editor. Finally, Lykke is also a fiat gateway into the crypto market: you can deposit fiat by bank, Lykke does not charge any fees for bank deposits and withdrawals. In addition, Lykke offers 24/7 human support provided by qualified agents. The platform is KYC and AML compliant and awaiting the FCA permanent regulatory approval in the UK.

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Lykke takes its name from the words Binary Finance, representing the emerging digital financial system. Originally founded in China, Binance has moved its servers and headquarters several times to avoid falling foul of fast-changing local regulations. In September 2017, it relocated to Japan but soon removed its staff due to the legal complications of setting up an office there.

By March 2018, Binance had established itself in Taiwan, announced the opening of offices in Jersey, and moved its headquarters in Malta to increase its European influence. Having achieved an exchange license, it aims to expand on its fiat pairs, including the Euro and the British Pound. The exchange supports the most popular crypto coins and its own native BNB tokens.

Binance claims high standards of safety and security, with multi-tier and multi-clustered architecture delivering high processing throughput. At one point, the exchange had the capacity to process over 1.4 million orders per second, making it one of the fastest exchanges on the market.

The company was created under the tutelage of Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao and his co-founder Yi He. A well-known figure on the crypto scene, CZ emigrated from China to Canada with his family in the 1980s. After earning a major in computer science from McGill University in Montreal, CZ developed trading software for organizations including the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Bloomberg Tradebook.

He then moved into the cryptocurrency space to work on projects like and OKCoin. In 2017, Zhao left his position as CTO at OKCoin to start Binance. Within a year, Forbes Magazine placed him third on their list of ‘The Richest People In Cryptocurrency’

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