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In an art collaboration, DC Comics artist all set to release Batman NFT

Photo of: Dennis Ramos
by Dennis Ramos

Crypto art has its own takers. Although not mainstream it sure rouses a lot of interest in what it is. We have already seen how Crypto has knocked on the doors of Christie’s and it has not stopped. A collaboration or a deal that has attracted much attention in the crypto public space is the partnership between DC comic artist Jose Delbo and crypto artist Trevor Jones. With this collaboration comes the unraveling of the unseen crypto art later this week.

The collaboration comes at a time when Non-fungible tokens have caught up the much-deserved craze in the sector. The madness and craze for collecting non-fungible tokens art have captured the cryptocurrency market in a broader sense. Investors are picking up tens of thousands of dollars for NFTs already.

As is known, Delbo is overtly famous and popular for his work on Wonder Woman for the international comics brand DC comics. It also is equally popular for the Transformer series for Marvel Comics. He believes that digital art is picking up gradually but in the years to come it will be a big thing. Delbo went on to state that:

“More and more it feels like the future is digital and while I believe there will always be a sure place for physical art, I have really been enjoying creating digital art for this space.”

Thursday’s release will see Batman which is one of the most popular characters played on screen. This collaboration is stated to feature four artworks in totality. This will be two animations and two illustrations or paintings. It will be sold on MakersPlace which is a popular crypto art website. 

NFTs are one of the types of cryptographic tokens that talk about ownership of digitally scarce goods such as pieces of art or collectibles. It allows a digital asset to be represented with a single token on the blockchain. So they are not divisible relative to what let’s say Bitcoin is. 

Compared to this, Jones is a part of the most promising breed of crypto artists who blend art and technology. By doing so, Jones also puts up the artwork on blockchain tokens instead of the traditional representation through canvasses.  

“Galleries and artists everywhere are struggling terribly with the canceling of exhibitions and art fairs but it’s true that in times of crisis people turn to the arts for respite so now the art-loving tech-savvy are getting their fill of art via NFT marketplaces,” Jones said when he talked about artists and art. 

Talking about the artists, Delbo and Jones are proclaimed to be really good independently. They have sold digital arts on their own accord for amounts ranging from $7000 to even $58000 which is huge equating to between 20 ETH to more than 150 ETH. But ever since the collab has been announced, it has raised high expectations and could also fetch a higher value at Thursday’s auction process. This collaboration highlights the new love for crypto art and will surely grow considering its steady progress.