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Messi launches a series of NFT

Photo of: Joseph Stone
by Joseph Stone

A triple collaboration is about to take place in the NFT scene. The launch of a series of digital art tokens, the famous Non-Fungible Token, is likely to cause an earthquake in the digital art scene. Leo Messi, the most famous footballer in the world, launches a series of NFT with the artist Bosslogic, via the platform Ethernity (ERN). The whole collaboration has the nice name of Messiverse.

Lionel Messi, the historical player of FC Barcelona, left his team of the heart during the Mercato of the year 2021. He joined the Paris Saint-Germain PSG in a transfer that has caused a reaction in America. A country that is not historically aware of the soccer news. Many memes have circulated on the Internet. The social networks were in turmoil, so to speak.

What could be more normal, when we know that Leo Messi is one of the biggest influencers on the social network Instagram. The latter is, in fact, followed by over 248 million fans. A solid base to launch any product. In particular a series of collectibles in the effigy and glory of the footballer.

The salary that can expect the footballer is about 71 million euros. But, if this is not enough, he can count on the sale of NFT. He has indeed started to create them with an artist, for future distribution. A way to support the most famous sportsman in the world with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

The Messiverse includes 3 collections of NFT.

The artist, Bosslogic, is famous for having worked with Marvel Studios. For him, NFTs are a way to highlight the most beautiful moments of the sportsman. In his career, in his exploits, or in the energy that he circulated within the Barcelona team. These collection pieces will trace the most important moments of Lionel Messi’s sporting life.

The first collection is called Man from the future. It shows the numerous sports achievements of the footballer for FC Barcelona. But also for Argentina during the Copa America. More than 750 goals in a futuristic setting of cyber soccer.

The second series of NFT is called Worth the Weight. Worth the Weight in English. It is an almost mythological vision of the Argentine footballer. It represents Messi supporting the world on his back like the Greek god Atlas. A reference to the incredible ability of the footballer to support his teammates and the teams he was in charge of as captain.

Finally, the last one is called The King Piece. In this final vision, Messi becomes the king of a stylized chess game. Always in the same spirit as the previous images. Because Messi is always represented either as a king or as a god. The idea, obviously, is to play with the meanings of the different elements to mix art, imagination, and the real greatness of the player. And the player says it himself in a video presentation: “art is like soccer, timeless.”

But art and soccer have something else in common. They are multi-billion dollar markets. And they are booming thanks to NFTs. Sportsmen who have embarked on the Digital Token adventure are not rare. And Messi is just the latest in a long line.

In the last few months, many sportsmen have become interested in NFTs. NFT platforms like Sorare and Socios have set up partnerships with many footballers and sports clubs, including FC Barcelona. Club in which Messi plays since 2004. There were also the NFT of French soccer players, sold during Euro 2020. Which was a great success.

In fact, the NFT in the world of sports represents the explosion of sports collectibles. Baseball or NBA cards used to be an exception in the United States. In France, we didn’t really have this kind of very valuable collectible in the sports world. But with the explosion of the NFT, this phenomenon has surged on the old continent. And this, with an incredible speed. It is the advent of collectibles and fan art. But it is also a total revolution in the world of art and the sale of precious objects.