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Paris Saint Germain signed by Blockchain-based fantasy soccer game Sorare

Photo of: Janeth Diamond
by Janeth Diamond

Paris Saint-Germain, the at the rage French Soccer club still manages to carry forward the truncheon of Blockchain. The club is all set to release player collectibles as rare tokens. French Soccer and PSG are synonymous in the sense that PSG is regarded in the highest order in the game of Soccer. In order to fulfill its aim to issue player collectibles, it has already partnered with the top blockchain platform called Socios.com. In conjunction with Socios.com, it had already launched an unconventional concept of Fan Token offering back in 2018. 

And with this news, the premium soccer club becomes the 100th soccer club to join the Ethereum Blockchain-based fantasy soccer game Sorare platform. The club players named Neymar and Kylian Mbappe as well as club veterans like David Beckham now will be tokenized as limited edition digital player cards. The scoring of the player cards will be completely dependent on how these players perform in the soccer league tables. Sorare’s official launch in the US also became news and now this new partnership has accelerated its popularity. The US is its second-largest market worldwide and establishing an official launch will help rep up its presence. 

A Sorare spokesperson explained that the game had been in close beta in the US through to December 2019. The US is a huge market for Soccer especially and nearly 50 million people in the country play fantasy sports here as per the data from Fantasy Sports and Gaming association. This will in turn enhance the market for blockchain entrants and give them certain incentives to not delay entry further. 

The Spokesperson from Sorare said,

“We consider that with 100 clubs and three of the top 10 soccer clubs in the world — Juventus, PSG, Atletico Madrid — we’re now officially on track to start advertising the game as a full-on gaming experience.”

The spokesperson said that ahead of its launch, the game needed some fine tweaking and calibration and had to hone its scoring matrix and progression within the game. Sorare has been a relatively successful outing and ever since its launch last in March, it has already generated $2 million in revenue from card sales across 60 countries. Nonfungible, which is a ranking site for blockchain games and issuers of collectible NFTs, has currently ranked Sorare as 5th in the industry. The platform still stands behind the top-ranked game called Cryptokitties yet comes in the top 5. While Sorare has reported $205,131 in its 7-day volume, Cryptokitties has stood at a whopping $954231 in the top-ranked game list. NFT has been existing for a while but since 2017 its popularity is increasing especially this year. With the launch of crypto kitties, it has become a household name. Cryptokitties like Sorare also are based on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFT collectibles market shows constant growth and as of July this year, it has hit $370 billion.