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Most XRP token holders believe that its price can shoot up to $100

Photo of: Sangeetha Golchha
by Sangeetha Golchha

Not just any pipedream but 72.4% of the participants of a recent survey believe that the XRP token could reach the magical figure of $100 soon in the future. 

We are talking about a survey of 1157 XRP community members who were asked about the prospects of the XRP token. Over the last two years, the token has been struggling to make its mark, but the survey has made one thing clear which is that they have not lost confidence in the XRP token and believe it will revive despite its sluggish performance. 

XRP token holders are primarily millennial males from the USA and Europe which means that a whole new lot of younger generations are in the trade. But only 43% out of the survey takers would either fully or partially exit from their position once the token value reaches $100. In fact, a strong majority did claim in the survey that they will never dump their entire position at one go. Only 2.2% of the respondents want to remove their position or get out of their position when the prices reach $10.

Source: XRP_Cro Twitter

It is a known fact that many investors could be sitting on huge losses because the value of XRP token has suffered a major setback by shedding 92% of its value from $3.31 to what it is today. Yet, 2.2% is surely a low percentage of people who want to come out of their positions without making losses. This goes on to show that XRP holders still believe that the token could see a bright future and are waiting for the moment to see the mark-up.

An interesting question asked was, if the respondents were given $10k to invest in an asset which they had to hold till 2025 and that they could not diversify it ever, 85.6% of the survey takers voted for XRP tokens while a close to 9% wanted to their money in Gold and silver. Surprisingly only 5.7% of the XRP army indulges in active trading because a majority of them still want to hold their positions and wait for the right moment. 

XRP seemingly is the only token that is owned by 42.9% of its holders. Most of the ownership is in the range of 10,000 to 50,000 tokens. For those who love to diversify their holdings, VET comes in second place in terms of holding preference followed by Stellar (XLM) and Cardano (ADA). XRP community members who participated in the survey were also asked why they invested in XRP and 68% of them want to hold or rather hodl the token to become rich in the future. Only 1.8% of the respondents were interested in trading. This also could be one of the reasons that the price is not able to see the momentum it should because of low trading activities. 

A majority of the survey – 62.4% of the takers also voted the CTO David Schwarz as their favorite employee from Ripple, while the CEO, Brad Garlinghouse came a distant second at 33.2% which means that people like the top leadership at Ripple.