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Crypto wallet MetaMask announces the launch of its mobile app on iOS and Android

Photo of: Dennis Ramos
by Dennis Ramos

If you have been a fervent and an almost fanatical follower of Cryptocurrencies then MetaMask might not be a name unheard of. But for those who are not fully aware, it is a cryptocurrency wallet that takes the form of a browser extension. It supports Ethereum and its ecosystem thereby making it easy to connect with a decentralized app present on a website. Despite being an essential tool for crypto users per se, the wallet concern was not available on mobile – until now! ConsenSys had announced yesterday that MetaMask will now be available on iOS and Android. 

In a tweet, a few hours ago, Crypto Wallet MetaMask announced that it will soon launch its mobile apps on the App store as well as Google Play. Additionally, the Crypto wallet MetaMask has also claimed on its website that its new mobile app would pave the way for decentralization of the internet because the app will allow users to place increased control over data collection. As of now, the launch date has not been updated but for those interested users, they can directly check the official website or watch our space to be notified of future developments on this. 

The new-to-be launched app will not be similar to MetaMask’s desktop version. On the mobile version, it is a native cryptocurrency wallet that will have the ability to interact with different dApps.This will be possible either through a list of all the featured applications or by entering the URL of the dApp in the built-in browser. The changeover from desktop to mobile should not be a herculean task for the users because it can be done by generating a QR code in MetaMask desktop and scanning it with the phone. The scanning will in self-activating mode sync the entire transaction history onto the mobile MetaMask.

If things pan out the way planned, MetaMask will also feature another massive attraction which is the ability to purchase Ether directly in the app with Apple Pay, debit cards, and a host of other payment methods depending on the country of operation. This new feature, when embedded in mainstream mobile app usage, will go a long way in reducing the friction involved indirectly purchasing Ether. Meta Mask boasts of secure login features, key vaults, and its ability to generate passwords and keys for dApps directly on the device so that no user can access the accounts. Another thing to remember is that the desktop features have not been transferred in its entirety to the mobile feature. For instance, support for Ledger and Trezor hardware wallet is not present as of now. 

MetaMask’s decision to launch its mobile wallet will give users more confidence in secure, privacy-enabled transactions. It will also give them the requisite control they need over their transaction information. With the concurrent discussions of Web 3.0 which is the decentralization of the internet, MetaMask is now a proud member of that repository of tools that is stated to give more user privacy which has been a matter of deliberation for a long time.