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Russel Okung praises and recommends his Bitcoin salary

Photo of: Joseph Stone
by Joseph Stone

What if you were paid directly in Bitcoin? You wouldn’t need to ask your boss for a pay raise! In fact, the explosion of the crypto market in recent months has caused your Bitcoin pay to increase, and at very significant levels! Unfortunately, this possibility is not yet open to many. Recently, Russel Okung decided to get paid in Bitcoin.

In December 2020, Carolina Panthers player Russel Okung made headlines claiming that he asked his club to be paid in Bitcoin. Specifically, he asked for half of his $13 million annual salary to be paid in Bitcoin. At the time, the announcement raised as much curiosity as questions. It was the first time that a player had ever been paid in cryptocurrencies.

“I get a ton of questions about the purchase price of my first Bitcoins. (…) I pile up Bitcoins, the price goes up, I buy more, the price goes down and I keep buying more. » Russel Okung, NFL player.

It must be said that Russel Okung is a great believer in Bitcoin. Recently, when asked about his investment in crypto, Russel Okung reaffirmed his confidence in Bitcoin. He said he would “pile up Bitcoins” regardless of the price trend, but warned that his attitude should not be interpreted as “financial advice”!

Curiosity soon gave way to greetings. Indeed, with the recent explosion in the price of Bitcoin, it is clear that Russel Okung has made a choice that is paying off. Moreover, the timing can only be praised as well. Indeed, since December 2020, the price of Bitcoin has been soaring and is gradually reaching new ceilings.

Given this rise, Russel Okung’s salary has also soared. In fact, with a Bitcoin around $56,000 as it is now, half of his salary paid in Bitcoin is more than his total salary! In 2020, Russell Okung was among the top 5 highest paid players in the NFL. Thanks to his decision to be paid 50% in crypto and at the current Bitcoin rate, Russel Okung becomes the highest paid player in the NFL!

His choice proves to be a winner in another aspect as well. Indeed, in the face of the current economic crisis, the NFL has just imposed a salary cap on all players. Concretely, the NFL now caps players’ salaries by imposing a total limit of $180 million on the leagues. However, with only 50% of his salary in fiat currency, Russel Okung should not be affected by these new regulations. Under these conditions, there is no doubt that Russel Okung’s strategic choice will be emulated by others.