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Audius is moving its Content Management System onto Solana

Photo of: Sangeetha Golchha
by Sangeetha Golchha

Audius, the decentralized music app, has announced that it is now planning to migrate all its Content Management System (CMS) to Solana’s high-speed blockchain. The migration is taking place from an Ethereum sidechain which is operated by the POA network and runs on a set of trusted validators. 

Audius functions in a similar space to other popular music players like Pandora or Spotify but it also allows the artists to set their own terms. It has about 750,000 monthly active users and has already clocked in more than a million streams every month across 100,000 tracks. It features a native platform token called AUDIO that is staked for security, access to features, and governance. The platform also allows the developers to make use of the base content. Thanks to its path-breaking concepts and ideas the company has recorded growth in its user base month-over-month and is also adding up its tracks for streaming. 

Portability has been a new trend that is observed currently in the dapp space. With high gas fees and increased congestion in the network, a lot of migration is happening from Ethereum. Terra, Kin, and USDC have also moved onto Solana. Balancer the automated market maker and pooled assets manager has also taken it on itself to offer services on other networks like NEAR and Oasis. 

The Audius team officially announced its plans of migration, the statement said:

“Given our need to utilize a high-performance blockchain today, Solana’s growing set of 182 validators (as of this writing) combined with a battle-tested architecture gives our community the confidence that Audius’s catalog can scale at ease, a crucial component of our path to mainstream adoption.”

But the migration, in general, is not just about migration. It also contains incentivized arrangements with the Solana network. Kin had made an announcement to move to Solana in the month of June but, in addition to this, it also announced its incentive arrangement with Solana which will unlock grants of SOL tokens for each million users Kin roped in over a 24-month period. 

The Audius management and  CEO Roneil Rumburg have refused to divulge finer details for the arrangement with Solana mentioning that the change in the platform was made on technical grounds. In an email the CEO wrote:

“There’s an agreement between the two teams that involve technical support, deliverables for support, and incentives. … Solana will help Audius have the best user experience possible.”

Audius’ staking and governance functionality will continue to take place on Ethereum. But as of now, it has high-throughput needs that can be fulfilled by actually hosting, finding, and streaming music and will be ported to Solana. Solana as per the firm is a good choice considering it has extremely low transaction fees. The migration as of now is expected to take place in three phases with the final phase completing in the second quarter next year. 

The Audius app is available on iOS and Android app stores on the web.