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Bluzelle aka ‘Airbnb of databases’ enters the Polkadot ecosystem

Photo of: Janeth Diamond
by Janeth Diamond

Bluzelle was founded in 2014 with a  mission to implement blockchain technology to build a better and wider internet all around them. In 2019, it strived to build a data delivery Network to see to it that businesses do not bear the brunt owing to data breaches, network failures, and overly stretched performance issues. Bluzelle aims to combine the forces of decentralized technologies, with edge computing to bring about a faster and more secure form of internet. 

As per the latest reports, Bluzelle is now working with Web3 Foundation (W3F) in collaboration to provide services to the Polkadot ecosystem. The Web3 Foundation which is led by Gavin Wood, the founder of Polkadot, is into funding different Research and development teams for building technologies catering to the decentralized web. Polkadot is an emerging name in the circuits and possesses cross-chain compatibility which supports applications ranging from DeFi to gaming. 

Polkadot sharded blockchain has a scalable design, intended to support cross-chain compatibility. Coming to think of it, it is a great platform for the launch of Decentralized applications. Its robust data delivery network will help dApps to realize their full potential. It will eventually eliminate the need for major dependability on centralized data centers. Bluzelle’s architecture fits optimally and aligns perfectly with that of Polkadot. As a blockchain-agnostic dApp, it will liberate developers to go ahead and launch novel parachains without the need to sacrifice their hold on a reliable data network. 

The quick growth of blockchains is sure to give rise to uncountable Dapps which are facing the common dilemma of data storage issues. There is a trade-off always between the high cost of using the blockchain to store data or open themselves to the weaknesses of centralized solutions. Storing mountain loads of data on say a blockchain like Ethereum is tortoise-paced and expensive costing about $150,000 for 100 GB of data. The high Ethereum gas prices then force Dapps to store their data in centralized networks leading to the problem of ‘weakest link’ The presence of weakest link alone is enough to bring everything down crashing. By using a centralized data store with a Dapp, it becomes a point to attack the system, hack data, and take the entire database crashing down. 

Bluzelle provides 100% decentralized data storage that blends the power of blockchain with the extreme simplicity of the features of traditional databases. It is made of a network of independent storage nodes spread worldwide which has no system of hierarchy. So, the data is stored in multiple nodes without having to expend anything extra. Bluzelle rents out their extra computer hardware making it extremely cheap to store. The data also is always available even if one or more nodes go down. 

Bluzelle is known as the ‘Airbnb of databases’. Its decentralized databases let the developers pay for storage use. In the future, it is also looking towards the process of developing data feeds and oracles as a part of its roadmap evolution.