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Brave continues its growth to 20 million users

Photo of: Joseph Stone
by Joseph Stone

The crypto friendly web browser Brave continues to grow. The software now has 20 million active users per month. A year earlier, 8.7 million Internet users were using Brave.

The Brave browser is reaching a new milestone in terms of worldwide adoption. The publisher now claims 20 million active users each month. One year earlier, there were 8.7 million active users on Brave.

Over one year, this represents a growth of about 130%. However, Brave is not yet their exclusive web browsing software. Indeed, the number of active users per day is 7 million.

However, this Internet user base is also growing strongly each year. Last year, Brave had 3 million active daily users. But the most relevant indicator in the crypto universe is the number of users of BAT, its native token.

Since its creation, users have paid 26 million BATs (Basic Attention Token) to content creators. In addition, the platform has nearly one million verified content creators, compared to 300,000 last year.

To differentiate itself on the browser market, in front of giants like Google Chrome, Brave is therefore banking on the support of crypto-actives and the respect of privacy. Even though it uses the open source Chromium engine, like Chrome and Edge, Brave is more respectful of data privacy.

In terms of crypto assets, the browser now integrates several crypto-trading widgets. This is particularly the case for Binance and Gemini, since last July. Users can thus exchange the tokens listed on the crypto-exchange, consult their balances, and access their deposit addresses without having to leave the Brave ecosystem.

Brave content creators can store their digital assets in a crypto-wallet called Gemini Creator. Similar functionality is available in partnership with Binance.

Brave is also participating in the creation of PayID alongside major crypto players such as Ripple, BitGo, and Huobi. PayID is an open-source solution aimed at unifying payments. A total of 40 popular cryptocurrency companies form the Open Payments Coalition.