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Denelle Dixon, CEO of Stellar Network to participate in IMF panel discussion

Photo of: Sangeetha Golchha
by Sangeetha Golchha

Denelle Dixon, the CEO of the Stellar Network will be a part of a four-person panel discussion. She is all set to be a part of the prestigious IMF annual meeting today and will be discussing the role of the private sector in addressing the major shortcomings of cross-border payments at the fund’s meeting. 

The panel which will be a webcast will start at 9 a.m. ET on Monday.

About the IMF annual meet

The International monetary fund oversees the international monetary system and also keeps vigilance on the financial and economic policies of its member countries. It keeps note of all economic developments on a national, regional, and international level. It consistently consults the member countries and provides them with macroeconomic and financial policy advice. 

The webcast has been planned for four hours and it will have four panel meetings, each with prolific personalities from the world of finance and economic development. The topics for the panel discussions will be:

Cross-Border Payments—A Vision for the Future
Cross-Border Payments—The Private Sector Steps Up

Cross-Border Payments—The Public Sector’s Role

Cross-Border Payments—A Global Roadmap for Improvements

The seminar aims to discuss what solutions could be made use of in order to enhance cross-border payments. It also aims to discuss the global risks, benefits of cross-border use of digital currencies, and the implications that come along with it. The seminar further intends to take a serious look at cross-border payments and make it an important part of the policy in order to overcome the difficulties of fragmentation and to facilitate some order in the functioning of international trade and financial systems. 

Denelle Dixon will discuss the role of the private sector

With the inclusion of Denelle Dixon the CEO of Stellar Network, it is clear that IMF and other world bodies now recognize blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies as major catalysts for growth. The CEO will be participating in the panel discussion that will discuss the current shortcomings of cross-border payments. Discussions will also take place around the ushering of new technological developments which is why the private sector involvement is important to bring about innovation and solutions that would help the cause. The panel will be a straight discussion on what the emerging solutions are and the benefits of applying these solutions. The panel will also unravel the expectations of the private entrepreneurs from the policymakers as well as regulators. The main question of discussion will also be, ‘Can innovation be encouraged while preserving a level playing field, and ensuring the interoperability of solutions?’

The session will be moderated by Dong He, Deputy Director, Monetary and Capital Markets Department, International Monetary Fund

The other list of panelists who would be joining Denelle Dixon:

  • Jonathan Dharmapalan, CEO, eCurrency
  • Rory MacFarquhar, Senior VP, Mastercard
  • Rene Reinsberg, CEO, Celo

This panel discussion will immediately be followed by a panel of policymakers which include U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell who will discuss the tole of the public sector in cross-border payments and the final panel will talk about a roadmap for concrete actions.