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Huobi adopts Tap global’s crypto trading platform

Photo of: Janeth Diamond
by Janeth Diamond

Tap Global has announced the listing of Huobi Token as a new payment method on its crypto banking platform. In this collaboration, Huobi, the leading cryptocurrency exchange and Tap Global, the multi-currency digital wallet, have collaborated to let users concert their Huobi tokens into fiat mainly to fund their Tap Payment card. In addition to this, they can also purchase goods from those commercial businesses that do not usually accept payment in digital assets. 

Merchants across 210 nations and regions accept Tap’s prepaid card that is accessible to users from the United Kingdom and EEA. For the very first time, the Huobi token will have a fiat onramp as well as an offramp letting users buy its tokens with credit cards and debit cards in order to withdraw fiat currencies. Tap Global is an authorized entity and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission under the Distributed Ledger Technology License (DLT). Tap’s believes crypto has to be as easy to use as a fiat currency. This will also help users to fetch the best out of their money and give them financial freedom. With their partnership with Huobi, it will be easy for them to access a larger user base empowering the company to present their case to a global audience. 

Tap Global’s multi-crypto and Fiat wallet structure with its proprietary solutions helps the application to smoothen trades in an efficient manner. Tap was officially launched in February 2020. Its app is a great combination of digital wallets available worldwide that lets users buy, sell and also convert cryptocurrencies across multiple exchanges in real-time. Users can easily convert cryptocurrencies to fiat within the app. They can also fund the card so that they can pay in any store for services used in any corner of the world. Crypto assets are stored in cold storage which is insured by the Lloyd’s of London.

Huobi is one of the largest and leading blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure providers. Its financial product repository also includes a secure digital asset exchange has been designed for a favorable ground for liquidity and real-trading volume. Huobi is a trusted player in the crypto market and users in more than 170 nations vouch for that fact. It has become a reliable name providing customers with safe and professional services because it follows the norm of putting customers first always. It also boasts of an enviable portfolio of crypto products that include trading, cryptocurrency finance infrastructure solution, education, social welfare and much more. 

The new partnership will endow a sense of financial liberty to those users who believe it can be stifling to use digital assets in a way as regular as a fiat currency is used. Tap Global in its quest to reach out to as many users as it can, believes it can benefit users immensely because everyone has a right to financial freedom. Huobi Global proves to be a perfect partner considering the enormity of the exchange. We hope this partnership brings in what we call the freedom to be in the world of finance.