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Pumpkin Pump – IOST’s version of SUSHI mining begins 11th September

Photo of: Janeth Diamond
by Janeth Diamond

IOST is an enterprise-level blockchain platform that is supported by several first-rate investors like Sequoia and Matrix, ZhenFund to name a few. It was developed to cater to online service providers and with its successful beginnings, it has already become one among the four biggest public chains along with Ethereum, EOS, and Tron. 

IOST has some big announcements for its community members. A new project called ‘Pumpkin Pump’ was officially announced by IOST and its community members were given an exclusive sneak peek about the project. The new product is an upgraded yet simplified SUSHI, which will offer its community a more simplistic and streamlined DeFi mining experience. Mining will begin on September 11’th. 

More on Pumpkin Pump

The project has been named Pumpkin Pump as it has been developed by IOST’s new partner named Pumpking. The product is promoted as being a very simple concept that would further simplify the DeFi staking and mining process. There would be no handling fees and zero congestion along with the prospects of earning a high yield. IOST can be used by members for liquidity provision. Users can earn pumpkin as rewards immediately when they stake IOST. IOST airdrops are also on the anvil. Pumpkin Pump is promising users one of the best experiences especially to those users who are facing Ethereum-based disorders of high gas fees and heavy network congestion.

As per the official information from the developers of Pumpkin Pump, IOST has been notified that Pumpkin Pump will officially go live on September 11’th. If users want to be updated with the latest, they can join the announcement channel and stay up to date. 

To add further to the construction of the IOST DeFi ecosystem, the IOST DeFi incentive program 2.0 will only facilitate a positive step in that direction. It will pave the way towards more commercial and mainstream DeFi products that will enhance the blockchain mainstream adoption. It will for sure lead to a promising new world of a decentralized world global economy. IOST has always been consistently committed to building a blockchain platform and an ecosystem that is user-friendly and can also extensively support DeFi projects. 

IOST’s rapid progress

The project team at IOST is a group of prolific R&D people who are focusing on blockchain distribution technology. The team comprises 50 blockchain industry experts who have graduated from Ivy League institutions as well as others like Tsinghua University, and Beijing University. They have an average work experience of 3 years in Blockchain technology. 

IOST has in a very short time become one of the most renowned public chain solutions with one year in mainnet. It already has assumed more importance because of its strategic alliance with several enterprises and government collaborations. It has a great user base and enviable applicability along the lines of EOS, TRON, and Ethereum. With 500,000 active community members, a great presence in more than 20 countries, and 400 nodes, there is no stopping IOST.