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Ethereum 2.0 testnet Spadina to be launched to confirm the sustainability

Photo of: Janeth Diamond
by Janeth Diamond

Ethereum testnet is about to reach another milestone with the launch of Spadina. The network will test the successful running of the Proof-Of-Stake genesis blocks in the new systems. Ethereum 2.0 is the new facelift of the Ethereum network which has been hurdled by heavy clogging in the network, accompanied by an exorbitant transaction fee. 

The team at Ethereum will be launching the Spadina testnet first for a dress rehearsal of the ETH2 genesis in the coming few months. The dress rehearsals and dry runs become extremely crucial because the launches have been backed by years of research and preparation. The team is leaving no stone unturned to ensure everything is in place. The series of tests including this one have been planned so as to ensure that the new network’s performance turns out as planned. It also aims to bring out the oddities if any, but to date, there are still certain quirks that need to be worked upon.

The premise of the Spadina launch has been to scrutinize the success of genesis mining and deposits. The core developer Danny Ryan called the 29th September launch a ‘dress rehearsal’ Spadina as planned will run concurrently with Medalla which was a testnet launched on 4th August this year. Medalla was presumed to be the last testnet to run before the launch of Eth2 but the rapidly changing crypto space demanded the testnet Spadina. The launch of the testnet could be a precursor to a successful expedition for the token price. When Medalla was launched ETH was trading around $400 and now it is hovering near the $360 mark.

Source: Twitter

What sets apart Spadina is that it is one of those testnets on the lines of Sapphire and Onyx testing large transaction sizes. Ethereum has taken the support of volunteer validators to carry out these tests. To become a Spadina validator all you need is sound technical proficiency of the ecosystem and sufficient Ether.

Validation with enough substantiation is integral to Eth2 success. With the presence of validators, there will be augmented decentralization, better security, extensibility which is much-needed and speed. There will also be Beacon chains that link with the shard chains and the existing Proof-of-Work together. With the Beacon chain launch, which the developers are predicting in a few weeks, Eth2 adoption will hit a new high. The stakers are engaged in doing community calls and indulging in video chats and with Spadina’s launch, the same is recurrent.

But, there are two sides to a coin, because while everything might seem on track there are certain foibles still prevalent in the system. Developer Chase Wright has pre-warned that he will not be staking ETH right away, because of security reasons. As per his experience, the discernible bugs in the system were not admitted in the process, hence not fixed by the testnet teams. Also, recurrently, the ETH 2.0 test stakers were in the hole financially, hence staking ETH was not a good idea according to him. He tweeted about the same:

Ethereum needs to resolve all the obstructions and focus on nipping all the issues in the bud.