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NFTs enter the world of fashion

Photo of: Joseph Stone
by Joseph Stone

AELIS, the Couture House created by Sofia Crociani, Karl Lagerfeld’s collaborator for many years, is launching a world exclusive NFT (Non-Fungible Token) operation associated with its virtual fashion show presented during the Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2021-2022 week.

The historic sale of a work by artist Beeple as an NFT for $69 million was also a significant factor in the growth of the NFT ecosystem, with a transaction of this amount remaining quite exceptional even in Academic Art. More and more brands and creators are now positioning themselves in front of this new form of art distribution in order to create new experiences at the crossroads of the physical and immaterial worlds.

Logically, the fashion world, and Haute Couture, had to seize the opportunity in turn. And it is the Italian fashion house Aelis, based in Paris, which opens the ball. Accompanied by the specialized structures Enephtys & NFT1 who will relay the operation on their social networks, Aelis is now preparing to offer a new and surprising experience associated with the fashion week that has just ended, with the desire to transmit a message about the digitalization of art. Thus, the house will soon offer 5 unique NFTs that will be associated with a dress from its Fall-Winter 2021-22 collection, presented on July 8 during its virtual fashion show of the Haute Couture week.

The designer explains: “NFTs have the characteristics that I believe all art seeks: immortality and unaltered transmission. They are an extension of physical art and aim to bring a new vision on how to disseminate artworks. It is at the same time a breath of renewal, but also a “momentum of eternity” because the NFTs will transcend the ages, like an eternal light. Hence the name of the upcoming experience: ‘Luce ImmorTale’.”

Aelis is thus about to present an innovation that will mark the fashion sector, but also that of crypto-assets: by making the dress live for two years, allowing it to become loaded with history, and thus gain value over time, Aelis shows with an elegance specific to its universe that NFTs can follow the same path.