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Fans choose the attacking line-up through blockchain winning the game for Apollon FC

Photo of: Dennis Ramos
by Dennis Ramos

Fan engagement for one of the most popular games Football reached a new level. A football team in Cyprus took it off the right way when it won against its rivals and allowed its fans to use blockchain technology and fan tokens to vote on the necessary information like match lineup and information. 

Socios.com is a first-of-its-kind mobile app for football fans. It allows the superfan to vote on club-specific decisions. Apart from the right to vote, you can also get access to unique rewards, exclusive merchandise, prediction games, match-day challenges, and a lot more. Every one of the partner clubs has committed to a number of binding and non-binding pools throughout the course of the football season. Apollon FC is using Socios.com and has apparently won a friendly match against arch-rivals Aris Limassol. And the match was totally one-sided with Apollon winning six goals to zero. 

With Socios.com, Apollon fans were able to buy the fan token APL. They got the opportunity to vote in a series of polls. Due to this, they were able to vote on the team’s formation on the pitch and also select the troupe of its attacking players. For the game the fans chose a 4-2-3-1 formation meaning that they demanded 4 players on the defense, three attacking midfielders, two defending midfielders, and one strIker. The fans know the team and players the best and this was established when three players out of the four chosen scored the goals during the match. 

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of socios.com was reveling with pride and called this a historic day and moment in the game of Football. He was impressed and excited in the manner the interaction between fans and administration at Apollon FC took place. He said:

“Today Socios.com & Apollon FC made history. The friendly match against Aris Limassol was the first match ever to be powered by blockchain, with fans picking the formation and the players. I’m so proud to have delivered this level of fan engagement for our partners Apollon FC, and for the fans to have voted for the winning formation.”

Socios.com also stated that APL, the fan token for Apollon Limassol bowed down to the wishes of the fan and registered growth of 13%. Observing how all this turned out to be so successful, Apollon head coach Soforonis Avgousti said:

“As a club, we want to have a connection with our fans and represent them in the best way possible…we will give our fans the chance to help me and the rest of the team with the selection and hopefully, they will appreciate the fact that we value their opinion.”

Not just Apollon, Socios is presently connected to many major football clubs around the world. It also signed a deal with Paris Saint-Germain, the most popular French Soccer club to fulfill its aim to issue player collectibles. Socios.com has also released the socios.com Visa debit card that allows users to earn fan token-based rewards from the club they support.